Spring Break!

Spring Break could not possibly come at a better time!  It just seems like every class has everything going on the weeks leading up to Spring Break, making a week off so much more relaxing.  No matter what a student does, whether it is road tripping, vacationing, staying in the big city of Canyon, or even working, a week without the worries of school is highly rewarding. 

A group of WT students, including myself, really try and use their spring break to help others.  The event I am writing of is Beach Reach.  Beach Reach finds its origin here at WT, founded by the BSM director Buddy Young.  Beach Reach is a servant evangelism project that takes place every spring break.  Groups of Christian students gather from all over Texas, and several surrounding states.  They gather at South Padre Island to help students that are there for Spring Break.  Beach Reachers offer van rides at night, free pancakes at night and in the morning, and help students in whatever way possible. 

Group Picture

The van rides are a huge hit.  With the Island being packed with students, it is hard to drive, and many are incapable of walking far distances.  With free pancakes being offered, who can resist?  College students will never pass up a free meal.  The experience is truly life changing, because the students involved with Beach Reach feel like they have made their spring break count for something greater than themselves.  You are able to meet people from all over the nation and share the love of God.  When opportunities arise, students present a gospel message to show to the spring breakers just how much more God loves them.

So as we all go off to different locations, I hope that you will remember what exciting things students from WT are doing with their spring break.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, along with the people on South Padre.  Safety is always a number one concern, and with offering these free van rides it helps to keep students safe.  I’m sure this year will be better than ever, and a spring break to truly remember.  The spring break opportunities are endless!

 Sand Sculpture

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