Why I Love Living On Campus…

People often wonder what it is I do for fun when you live in a town 20 miles South of Amarillo. 
My friends from the metroplex made fun of me when I declared my destination of Canyon for college.
Of course what they didn’t keep in mind was that Canyon, small as it may be, is a college town, and there are always students around waiting to hang out and make memories. 
 Most of the fun to be had I’ve found in Residental Living. The dorms have always been a great outlet for networking, meeting people and having a good time. 
I’m the R.A. on the third floor of Ruth Cross Hall, and I love going to great lengths to get everyone out into the lobby together for one reason or another, be it games or otherwise. 
This semester we discovered a Karaoke video game that has resulted in some sick singing sessions, and the making of some music videos to be premiered on facebook, soon. Usually we’re dressed up in costume, per my dress up bucket. 
The programs have likewise been pretty rocking! The third floor lobby recently got a make over made up of butcher paper and spray paint. Below is a picture of the Cross Hall Resident’s creations during the “Learn to Spray Paint” program this month. 
 I often wonder what students do for fun when they’re not on campus. Sit and watch movies in their apartments I would assume. They also have to drive to campus to go to class every day!
I really cannot imagine living that way–I think on campus is the way to go!
Another great example of the fun to be had on campus is captured in the photo below.

This is a picture of a Rave party I threw to celebrate a fellow R.A.’s twentieth birthday! We set up multiple strobe lights, and black lights, and we had all the attendees “Bring Your Own Glow.”
The Cascada Remix of Skater Boy was a favorite of the Cross and Jones Hall Freshmen who attended this party.
Though our legs were very sore from dancing the night away, I’m proud to say we successfully made on-campus living a rave!

(Special Props go out to Dallas Bass for DJing the ordeal! )

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