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The End Is….Near?

The end is here….well almost….well I guess it really isn’t unless you are graduating…and I am not so I guess technically the end isn’t here. Of course it also depends on how you look at “the end” and what your definition of “the end” is. Even though “the end” might be here, there is still a week of finals to go through. Does that mean it is the beginning? I’m not sure, but I do know this next week will be full of late night study sessions, blue books, and lots of Tylenol. To those of you who that is true for, I offer you my sympathy and kind of laugh a little bit too.

Here is the deal. I only have one final and that is Thursday morning. Unfortunately it is in Spanish and it is going to absolutely ruin me. So instead of being responsible and studying for my test I am going to tell ya’ll some of the best ways to study for your finals and tests in general. These are just little hints I have picked up in my 15+ years of schooling so hopefully you can benefit from one or two things on my list.


1. When you study, actually concentrate and study…that means no facebook.

2. Some people must have it quiet to study, if that is you then I would suggest not staying at your house, dorm, apartment, or wherever you live. From my own experience, if I stay at my house to study, I always get distracted by the computer, tv, people, or just whatever. If you like quiet places I would recommend going to any of the coffee shops in Amarillo during the day. All the annoying high school kids that go at night are still stuck in school and everyone knows adults don’t get loud. Also, if the weather is good you could hit up the park, but since this is the Texas panhandle and its either 20 degrees, 50mph wind, or 110 degrees, the park might not be such a good idea.

3. The opposite of that are the people that like to study when it’s noisy. To that, I say stay at home, turn on the tv, invite people over, and turn up the music. In other words, don’t have a group study session, have a group study party. Obviously, invite people over that have to study as well.

4. Use flashcards. It is amazing how simple yet effective flashcards can be. Flashcards for an essay test? Not so much. Flashcards for terms or formulas? Basically, a 3X5 miracle. 

5. If you like coffee, drink it up, if you don’t like coffee….learn to love it. It will help you stay awake. I am a huge coffee fan so of course anytime I study I have a pot of coffee to keep me company. If you don’t really know what coffee to buy don’t go to Wal-Mart and get something like folders. Gross. Take a break from studying go to Starbucks, buy a pack of whole bean coffee and have them grind it for you. If you like strong dark coffee get the Sumatran blend. If you like the lighter stuff go for the breakfast blend. If you like a little extra flavor, you have to try the Coffee-Mate tiramisu or peppermint mocha coffee creamers. They are amazing.

6. Don’t wait to start studying the night before the test and then stay up until 4a.m. I have found out it is much more beneficial to start studying three or four days before the test and only spend about an hour or two each day. This way you actually remember the stuff for more than a week after the test, you have time to hang out with friends during the night, and most importantly you don’t take the test with only four or five hours of sleep.

7. Get a good night’s sleep and study during the day. You are already used to going to class during the day so why not continue in something you are already used to? Getting seven or eight hours of sleep and then studying when you are fully awake and not about to fall asleep is so much better than studying after you have been awake all day, you are tired, and you cant concentrate.  


To sum everything up find out how you best study, get some coffee, and don’t study very long at a time. 

Until next semester, have a great Christmas break and good luck!