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Thankful for Thanksgiving

While reminding myself of all I am thankful for on Thanksgiving, I had to realize I am very thankful for Thanksgiving in itself.  It could possibly be the best American tradition we have ever known.  I love the thought of eating all day, taking naps, watching football, and eating some more.  All while doing this with the ones we love.  I also had to giggle about the get out and play commercials during the football games.  Honestly, who wants to play after stuffing their face all afternoon?  I have to admit I love this holiday. 

A damper to the holiday however is the fact that I have to count my days until finals is before me.  One thing that did not make my thankful list.  As many of my grades are border line I realize that I should probably spend the rest of my holiday hitting the books instead of hitting all the friends up or even hiking Bridger Bowl up to find some snow to ski.  Yes, unlike the Texas Thanksgiving, the Montana Thanksgiving is one filled with snow and finishing the day off with a soak in the hot tub.  It’s a lot different than many in Texas have come to know. 

As you remember back to how great of a Thanksgiving you had, and all you are thankful for, continue to give thanks daily.  Thanksgiving should be year round!  As we remember all we are thankful for, also be thankful for the tradition that truly makes the World upset at us, Thanksgiving.  Maybe this year at Christmas we can give a little more than usual to others in need.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and will give thanks in all that you do.