My Bad

Last night I had an epic bicycle wreck.
We were leaving the caf, and a group of us were going to head back to Ruth Cross Hall to hang out for the evening, but when we all jumped in the back of my friend’s truck, someone pointed out that I’d ridden my bike, and I probably shouldn’t leave it behind like a forgotten step child.
I agreed, and went to go unlock it, but halfway through the combination I was challened to a race.

Being the youngest of three kids growing up, I was raised with a sense of pride to protect, and when presented with a challenge such as a race, I have no choice but to accept.

By the time I was on my bike they were starting to “unparallel” the truck from it’s spot in front of Buff Hall. But it didn’t take me long to shoot out from in between two cars and cut them off in the middle of the street. I was biking as fast as I could, pumping the pedals, my legs were hurting, my heart was beating, the chain spinning as I went faster, faster faster…
I glanced over my left shoulder to judge my lead, and saw that I had two or three car lengths on them.

Victoriously I took the corner from in front of the library towards Ruth’s finish line…

Patch of gravel.
Lost it.
The bike shot out from under me, the left pedal touched the ground and I had a rather epic booty slide of about ten feet.
I turned around in time to see the truck come to a halt, and all my friends absolutely lose it with laughter.

Shamefully I picked my bike up off the ground and finished my shame ride past a few awe filled strangers, locked up the beast to a railing out front and self assessed my injuries. Aside from a slightly brusied left foot and a small rasberry the only real casualty was my favorite pair of jeans. The back pocket was quite literally torn apart, and could flap around like a little flag.
A butt flag.
A butt flag waved proudly from beneath my sweater as if to draw everyone’s attention to my wipe out.
That flag will continue to wave around WT campus as I refuse to retire my favorite pair of jeans, and as I take up a new hobby of walking.

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