An Election To Remember…

As most college students know facebook is a staple of our college community. Most 18-24 year olds would probably admit to checking their facebook before regular emails, or work-related sites. This social networking is a powerful thing, and when combined with something as explosive as Presidential Elections, it can be catastrophic….

The world stayed up late Tuesday watching the news and waiting for the ballots to finish rolling in. And regardless of a McPalin or Obiden victory, some party is going to wind up talking trash, and college campuses were going to explode into midnight political debates. 

Well, as you know, History was made this fourth day of November, 2008. 
We elected the first African American President in Our Nations History. 

Every lobby, on every floor of Cross Hall was filled with girls and guys alike watching the moments tick by, and votes roll in…and though political experts were not surprised by the Obama victory, it seems that most of Conservative West Texas was. 

It was as if right when the news came in, text messages, middle fingers, phone calls, flags, angry words and fists started flying. Type A personalities everywhere were thrown into a whirl-wind of emotion and disappointment, or intimidating “i told you so”s. Students began packing their bags for Canada (though Mexico is much closer), and ignorant voters began to voice their parents opinions, and referencing skits they’d seen on SNL. Abortion fanatics singled out Obama as a baby killer, while others rejoiced in his call for peace in Iraq. Type B personalities such as myself, just sat back and watched the chaos, and wondered if somewhere a riot would break out between all these high strung nut-cases…
Little did I know that the cyberspace riot had begun in the form of Facebook statuses. 


First of all I’d like to emphasize that regardless of who you supported up to this point in the Presidential Elections, from this point forward you might as well support the President we have, which is and will be OBAMA. The hissy fit you’re throwing doesn’t get McCain more votes, your anger doesn’t shorten Obama’s term, and high levels of stress will give you an ulcer, so deal. 

Second of all, here’s to the lady I saw bouncing around outside the White House on the news with a sign that says “Why Wait Evict Bush Now,” you’re not even lobbying for change, you’re just being a moron, so put your sign down and go read the rule book again, because you’re confused. 

Third of all…. 
Facebook, while fun for sending virtual bumper stickers, chatting it up with out-of-state friends, and procrastinating on homework, is not in fact a legit forum for your McCain vs. Obama supporters to fight with statuses. If your point of view is narrow enough to fit into a 15 character limit, then you should send in an application to Fox News, but if you insist on making a fool of yourself by expressing your political discontent on a facebook status, I feel obligated to tell you, that no matter what you write in that little box, you’re not going to change a damn thing. Either get a real opinion and publish a book, or put on your big girl panties and deal with fact. If you can’t, I’m sure Canada would love to have you. Don’t forget a jacket, I hear it’s chilly. 

And on that note…I toast to you a cup of V8 splash. 
Here’s to the unknown future of our country, the new presidency that awaits us, the conservative panhandle, a better economy, type A personalities plus Valium, constructive debate, the end of facebook stupidity, educated voters, and to change…

And with this famous quote I leave you :
“Yes we can.”
_Bob the Builder & Obama.  

I’m so glad this is only once every four years. Gross.

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