Time does Fly!

Where has this semester gone?  I can’t believe that today is already Halloween.  I still feel all unorganized, and like it has only been a few weeks into the semester.  Before too long, or probably now, it will be time for me to start studying for finals.  I can’t believe after today’s holiday is over, thanksgiving is right around the corner, and right after that is Christmas break.  I just feel like this semester has gone by way too fast!


            This has been a crazy semester for me, some new friends, a new major, a new dorm, and finally an attempt on trying to grow this brand new facial hair that is struggling to come in.  I think this new major change to Political Science, is my fourth, putting me above the three change average for college students.  I guess I do always have to go big.  Along with the end of the semester, is the end of my money supply.


            I can’t believe how quickly I have blown through my money and it honestly all goes to food.  By looking at me you would think I was lying but its true, it has all been on food.   I know along with many others I’m frantically searching for a short term job over break but one that can pay the big bucks.  This search is still unsuccessful.  As this semester is quickly drawing to a close I need to really encourage others to make the most of the time left here before it gets hectic.  All our athletes have been doing excellent this year, so all of our athletic programs are looking for post season play.  Let’s support them while we can, so they can bring back some titles for our school! 


            Too bad we can’t slow time down, but since we can’t, make the most out of everyday.  Have a safe Halloween, and a great weekend.  Make sure to hit the books when possible but have fun doing it.  Before too long it will be too late, and you will be going home for the holidays.  Keep it real WT!  Also keep voting for me for real world!

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