“Real”ity T.V.

   Growing up, my family always loved to have family time sitting around watching reality t.v.  I thought we had a “normal” family, but it seems that other families and people do not find reality t.v. as interesting as my family did.  We were big fans of Survivor, Big brotherAmazing Race and almost anything else that promoted real live people, in real life scenarios (hmmm stranded on an island happens to everyone).  As my family continued on in this tradition, it spread throughout our other relatives, so we could all talk about who got voted off or what drama was had occurred on the last episode.  This was the topic of conversation for every family gathering.

     Since coming to college, I found that t.v. isn’t really that important in my life and aside from watching the Office, or sports, I rarely have time to watch much of anything.  Reality t.v. has sadly slowly slipped out of my life.  That is until I found many people watch MTV’s Real World, I do admit I have seen a few episodes but I do not watch it regularly.  My reality now consists of Big Brother during the summer, and sometimes the Hills if you count that.  While at home this summer in Bozeman, there was a commercial for a casting call for Survivor.  This sparked my eternal reality t.v. flame once again.  Determined that my life needs to be seen I quickly started filling out the application.  My flame was put out once my mom spoke the encouraging words of “If you made it on Survivor you would die, you are too skinny to survive.”  So that dream ended but it has once again been started.

     I found out that the Real World is having an on line casting call, and Big Brother is also taking applications for its next season.  I decided to see what happens for both shows.  I am required to make a video for both, and Big Brother I just submit an application.  The Real World however, did not have any locations close for interviews so I am attempting their on line process.  They will choose one member of the house from the Internet, based on going through different rounds, interviews with the show, and people voting for you on line.  Why would I want to be on reality t.v.?  Well I feel it is very misrepresented for what America seems to feel is real.  In both shows, members sleep around, get drunk, and cause drama.  Aside from the drama, that is the opposite of my life.  I want to go on t.v. to show that I am very real but yet am a Christ follower, don’t get drunk, and don’t sleep around.  I want to show that Christian men do exist in this world, and are a part of reality.  Plus in many cases I wonder how many of things that happen to me, are not on t.v.  My life is just far too interesting.  So after reading this blog feel free to vote for me on my real world site, pray that I will learn a life outside of reality t.v., but more importantly vote for me.  I feel I am very real!

Click my picture or one of my links to go to my page and vote for me!  It is highly recommended!

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