Getting spoiled sounds good for commuters

Yesterday, as I was walking in the JBK I heard a song that I hadn’t heard since the last time I’d seen ‘A Walk to Remember’ back in like 2003. And then I realized it was Commuter Appreciation Week and the music was coming from a random mix of songs hosted by the an iPod, whose owner shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Depite the odd high school flashback I was able to enjoy a free hotdog and a soda. Oh yeah, I also got a free ice scraper which will come in handy in the next few months.

This morning my co-worker was greeted with a nice cup of hot coffee and a donut. I’m not sure how happy Java City was that Commuters were being given free coffee but I know that had I not been in class, I would have definitely wanted some coffee to erase my memory of how cold it was outside.

Speaking of erasing memories, tomorrow you will find me under the spell of a nice massage dreaming that I am in sunny Cozumel or Hawaii because there will be free massages for Commuter Appreciation Week. I’ll let you know how that goes later.

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