Recovering from Homecoming Fever

Oh my Lord,

Thank goodness Homecoming is over.  I am genuinely worn out.  It was a good week but a long one nonetheless.  I am glad that things are back to usual.

This week was difficult as the semester hits midterm times.  As a four year senior, my motivation is definitely hurting.  This procrastination issue is getting to where it is out of control.  However, it is highlighting some of the major skills I have learned and mastered while I have been at school.  I have found out I can write a decent A- to B+ four page paper in about an hour and a half with references.  This is not a good quality and I do not advise it.  This week I am going to make an extra effort to plan out my assignments so that I am not pressured.  While I was hurriedly writing my paper, my friend who just had a car wreck needed a ride and I wasn’t able to give him one due to my irresponsibility.

Like the nerd I am, I was so excited for the debut of the class schedule on Wednesday.  I am already spending a lot of time going through all the classes thinking about how I will spend my last semester here at WT.  I am definitely excited about the senior seminar with Dr. Schaffer and Early Modern Europe with Dr. Brasington.  I do need to figure out how I am going to fulfill that Bachelor of Science science credit.

I also have been quite consumed by thoughts of what graduation might bring.  I have an interview for Teach For America at the end of October in Albuquerque.  I am kind of nervous about it but I think I have a good chance.  The Teach for America program will place me in an inner-city school district somewhere in the U.S.  I hope to be placed in San Francisco or somewhere in the New England area.  I am both excited and scared of what’s to come.  I am excited about finally leaving this place and about experiencing a different area and culture.  I absolutely have a passion for Canyon.  I love the pace and culture and overall attitude of the city.

However, it is wierd to think that I’ll be moving away from this place.  I have been here for some time – 15 years.  My family and friends are here.  I have alot of support here.  Nonetheless, it is time for me to go.  I know that I am supposed to go somewhere else, meet new people, have new experiences.  It is time.  Fear of the unknown is never a good reason to not step out and experience all that life and this world offers.

Well, I think it is time for me to stop rambling and go have some constructive downtime whipping up on my friends in Wii Golf.  Ta ta for now.

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