The Residential Life during Homecoming Week

I have always been a part of Residential Living here on campus, and homecoming week by far is the busiest/most eventful week WT has to offer.  Aside from professors thinking it is a great week to make everything due, it seems that for once everyone comes together in the spirit of West Texas A&M.  Residential Hall Association (RHA) puts on many of the events for this week, giving students a chance to get out of their room.  That is if the students stay here during the week and weekend.  I have been blown away in years past at the number of students that just can’t make it away from home more than Monday through Thursday.

This year I finally see it slowly changing.  With the increasing sizes of the freshman class, I feel this year we have one of the most involved.  Being an RA in Buff Hall I see how involved students get.  This week RHA has done a great job getting students involved.  I have never seen as many people at the Marshmallow Roast, excited about building the bonfire or guarding it, and even a paper football tournament with the chance of winning two free cowboy tickets!!!  It’s insane! Even last night at the midnight weenie roast tons of people showed up braving the rainy weather.  The halls look amazing this year as it looks like many residents took pride in decorating.

I feel that the pride of WT students continues to increase this year, and I hope it does not stop after Homecoming Week.  I hope everyone will attend the Bonfire tonight, the parade and football game.  I hope WT becomes a place that students enjoy being here as much as I have.  I mean a Montana kid that loved it so much his sister followed him here.  Out of state students have also been increasing which is amazing (WT students represent 48 out of the 50 states), because we can’t go home on weekends we get to enjoy WT all the time.  I hope we see the parking lots remain full on the weekends, rather than the usual emptiness on campus.  So I hope all on campus have enjoyed this week, and will get out and enjoy this weekend!  GO BUFFS!

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