The WT Monarchy

Once again, it is time for homecoming. What does that mean? Football, parades, parties, really ridiculously large fires, dances, decorations, and of course voting for homecoming king and queen , one of the most important events of all. This year the homecoming king and queen competition seems to be fueled with hope, persistence, desire, drive, passion, and of course lots of flyers, sidewalk chalk, and mustaches. Out of twenty candidates, each one demonstrates certain strenghts and advantages but only one king and one queen will rise to the top to be the peoples favorite. Who will it be? Thats for you to decide! With eleven people running for king and nine running for queen there are lots of people to vote for.

How do you vote? Starting on September 29th there will be a link on the WT homepage that you can click on and vote or you can go to any of the computer kiosks on campus and vote. The point is, this election is just as important as another one coming up in November so you should go vote and be a good student. Click to see a list of the candidates and for a mock poll.


***This poll has nothing to do with the final results and is in no way connected to the official homecoming voting***

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