New Things on Campus

Alas, the fall semester is in full swing and everything is moving right along here at West Texas A&M University. My sleeping patterns have changed, the first cluster of tests have come and gone and I’ve already been shocked and saddened by a few of my grades.

But, though it sounds it, this semester is not typical. 
No, there is a revolution going on.
A transportation revolution.

I’ve noticed that the use of obscure vehicles are on the rise here in Canyon.
Just today I spotted a Segway, Wiggley Board, and Unicycle on campus all before lunch.

What’s the story here?

Segway-woman, as she is to be called, was taken off guard today inside the JBK as she realized the door frame was not wide enough to allow her to pass. Rather than simply stepping off of the futuristic scooter, she did an eleven point turn, thus creating somewhat of a traffic jam where I overheard students expressing their disgust with the fact that the price of her scooter is more than they had to pay for tuition. 

Wiggley boards are hard to for me to watch. For one, I’m not impressed with the fact that they’re not only difficult to operate, but also quite slow. Even if I did take the time to learn to ride one (which I won’t ever do,) I still wouldn’t use it as a mode of everyday transport because it’s like choosing to drive through a school zone instead of on the freeway. This morning I quite literally walked past a guy who was riding one to class. A wiggley board is like the Geo Metro of the inline world, a laugh. 

There is just so much to say about this particular mode of transport, but I’d say that more than anything else, it’s dangerous. Unicycle kid has a level of commitment that none of these other awkward-riders have. Every time he mounts that wheel he’s risking death itself. Unicycles have no handlebars, pegs, or tolerance for the balence-less. My friends and I were shocked to see a unicycle on and around campus at the beginning of the semester, but now we count the sight of unicycle kid as a good luck charm. If unicycle kid is still alive, then today is a lucky day.
Unfortunately however, I was there to witness the day that unicycle kid’s luck began to wear thin. 
Corners are tough on regular bikes, how can I expect to see you make it on one wheel?  
It was a sad day indeed, but grace was on his side, and he lives with only minor injuries to the hands where he caught himself on a chain link fence. 

What is it they want with this revolution. 
Where does she park that segway during class? 
When it’s winter will the wiggley-boards do okay on the ice? 
Was unicycle kid really spotted riding a unicycle while solving a rubics cube?  

There are so many questions on WT campus, and soon there will be answers.  

The brand new clock tower, the pedestrian mall, the refurbishing and restoration of the classroom center, and the brand new residence hall are all things on campus that have everyone buzzing with excitement for the future of WT….

The only thing happening on campus that I don’t like is this revolution of obscure transportation. 
Get segways out of here.

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