And So It Begins….Again

Its fall 2008, two weeks in, one test down, and lots of missed sleep. Welcome back to college, time to stock up on the Starbucks coffee! After being in Canyon all summer it is great to have all my friends back, actually see people on campus, and literally be able to hang out with someone anytime I want. Already, my week is pretty much overflowing with class, work, and random BSM activities. I think for the first time in my college career classes take up the least amount of my time haha. In a way that is bad because my weekends consist of studying and doing all the coursework I neglected to do during the week. But hey it makes things interesting and that’s life right?

As usual WT is changing and growing. The new apartment style dorm, Buff Hall, opened up for residents this semester, The clock tower is complete (but chimes at the same time as the chapel and drives me crazy…something should definitely be done about that), the buffalo fountain is flowing freely and adds a nice touch to the campus, the pedestrian mall now has grass and trees which brings about a nice clean professional atmosphere, and the reconstruction of the classroom center is moving toward completion every day. Not only is the campus growing aesthetically but WT is growing in popularity as well. There are more freshman and transfer students then ever before.

One major aspect of WT is of course sports. Along with the start of classes comes the start of the soccer, volleyball, and football season. The soccer team started the season off with an incredible 7-0 win against College of the Southwest and has won three out of their four games played so far. Last weekend I got to watch the volleyball team give a well rounded performance in a tournament held at Metro State in downtown Denver. The volleyball team is doing an amazing job this season with an 8-2 record. The football team started off the season with an exciting 23-20 win over Mesa State and demolished Central Oklahoma 49-18. This Saturday the football team will be matching up against Azusa Pacific in Kimbrough Stadium at 6:00p.m.

So far this semester is shaping up to be exciting, eventful, and full of fun. Keep checking back to see more updates to the WT Student Blog!


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