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Hello old friend…

So a blog probably needs to be written.  I kind of slacked off.  In all honesty though, I have been super busy.  I’m only taking ten hours this semester; however, I’m busier than ever with extracurriculars.  It’s great to be busy, makes the semester fly by faster. (seems like we just started…hard to believe that in 26 days I will be on a jet plane to Poland!)

So to catch you up on WT.  The CC has closed down.  It was such a weird feeling to walk in over there right at the start of the construction.  Walls were torn out, desk were gone.  So weird.  I went in the Old Fine Arts Building the other day to run some errands and reminisce about the days I spent over there.  It’s odd to see it back in action.  Different offices….same smell.

Some people have complained about all this business. But I find it thrilling.  The end product will be amazing!  I can’t wait to come back as an alumni and see how the campus has changed.  Value in my degree constantly increasing.

I have figured out the next two years of my life.  I’m sticking around for grad school.  Exciting to have figured this out.  I am going to be the First Year Experience Graduate Assistant.  I’ll be planning NSO, assisting with Buff Branding, Convocation and the Freshman Seminar class.  I’m stoked considering I want to do that stuff as a future career.

I’m also pretty pumped about the presidential elections.  Regardless of what side of the line you stand on, this primary season is exciting and it is exciting to discuss it with peers. The energy is brilliant!

Hmm…Ok.  Lunch time.  I’ll be more consistent. Promise!

Until then.