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In response to ‘bobdoledude’

I am Jasinia Flores, I was raised in Canyon, TX. I am the traditional and the non-traditional transfer student. I am a commuter, I have never lived on campus and I have only eaten in the Caf about a dozen times. I am a hispanic WT student, along with 1000 others. I am in a sorority, along with 4% of WT Women. I am a Peer Leader for Freshman along with about 30 others. I have 3 jobs, I pay for my own education without the help of my parents. I am a President, a Vice President, and a Treasurer of different organizations. I have been a reporter, an Editor-in-Chief, a Student Senator, and the girl who wasn’t involved at all.

I wasn’t chosen to blog because someone thought I would paint a pretty picture of West Texas A&M, I was chosen because I represent a lot of different people that attend this University. I don’t write to make WT look good, it looks good on it’s own. I haven’t written much, but what I have written has been truth.

I don’t think about writing about the possibility of the increase on tuition because I already know that it is among the lowest in the state and even in the United States. I don’t have a problem with the cost of tuition because I have already been to a Big 12 school where 1 semester cost me more than my entire education at WT will cost. When I left that school not a single professor knew my name or where I came from, whereas here I can call my professors by their first name and I have the same technology and a better understanding of what I am studying.

I don’t talk about construction and the pains of it because there isn’t any. Sure the schedule is a little difficult with the reconstruction of the Classroom Center but at the same time class is still in session and the future students of WT will benefit from it.

You left out our discussion about the infamous parking problem, I like to refer to it as the lazy problem. The biggest complaint is that no one can ever find a spot, but what they really mean is that they can’t find a spot near the door. There really are enough spots but no one wants to walk a little. Oh and the price. Forgot about that, it increased and so did the cost of violations. Sorry if I think that $40 is reasonable for a possible 5 minute walk, versus the $500 I paid and still had to walk 25-30 minutes to get to class at the other school I went to.

So, to bobdoledude. I guess you have answers. It turns out I wasn’t bought about by the administration, I don’t paint pretty pictures, and I don’t believe that WT has many problems. But one problem I do see is there are far too many who fail to see that WT really is a great place.

Online vs. In class

So I have been trying out a new system this semester, taking online classes. The whole idea behind this is my curiosity of how I would feel about getting my Masters online. Anyway, I am taking 10 hours worth of online classes and this is what I have learned so far.

Online vs. In Class (The 2 biggest factors)

You read the chapters vs. The professor tells you what the chapter says

You go to class on your own time vs. There is a scheduled class time

I have learned that these are the two most important things to consider before you take an online class. I recommend online classes to a person that is going to read the book anyway, and knows how to read and comprehend material on their own.

I am not really an auditory learner, so this style does help me quite a bit. But at the same time I have to read a lot of material to know all of the information, when on the other hand the professor would have just told me the key points that I would need to do fine on the Test.

For those who take online classes, these are a few tips.

1. Read the book for the class

2. Check WT Class everyday

3. Get a planner and write down all the due date (p.s. All college students should have a planner)

4. Make up your own due date BEFORE the actual due date (just in case of technical difficulties)

5. Save all of your assignments to your own computer and maybe even on a jump drive

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about online classes.


Back in the swing of things

Taday was the first day of classes! I am not sure how many students are excited about that, but I know that I am excited beyond words.

As a student from Canyon I didn’t leave for the holidays so when Saturday came around I knew students were already back as the streets were now filled with more cars than they had been over the last month, the fast food lanes were now crowded and honestly the entire city of Canyon had quite a bit more life to it.

Honestly, the classes part of coming back was not as appealing as the social light of it all. I was excited to see friends that I had made last semester as well as those I have had for the last several years. The point it that it is good to see everyone back, well with the exception of those who graduated in December and are now off to the limitless realms of possibility.

 The way I see it, this semester looks promising. I am sure I will make some new friends, ace a few classes, take a few chances, but most importantly make a few more memories that I will take with me the rest of my life.

It’s a great time to be a Buff, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Adios, it’s time for me to get back in the swing of things!

 – Jasinia

India or bust

So… tomorrow is the big day.  FINALLY.  Fourteen other WT students, faculty members, and I are flying to New Delhi, India!  I’ve never taken a sixteen-hour plane ride — I plan on sleeping a lot. 🙂  After spending the past semester reading about India, it will be amazing to actually experience everything first-hand.  We’ll travel around northern India for two weeks, riding elephants, boating down the Ganges, visiting major temples, mosques, and historical sites, interacting with the people, and side-stepping cows. (ha.) 

I must admit, I’m a little nervous… okay, I’m scared to death.  Even after reading all about India, I still don’t know what to expect — how will people interact with me?  will I be safe?  what is the food like?  and are the monkeys really that dangerous?  Nevertheless, I simply can’t wait to get on that plane tomorrow.  I love new experiences, and I know this trip will blow me away — besides, the suspense is killing me!  If you’d like to keep up with our escapades, see our online journal here.  It will be updated daily by all of us students, relating the day’s events and our reactions to our foreign (perhaps bizarre?) surroundings. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year; in a couple of weeks, I’ll post again with an overview of the trip (and pictures!).  Namaste!