do a little happy dance…

4 Reasons why today was a great day

1. It was the first day of my winter break.  No more finals — yeah!

2. I got to work at a job I love.  Physical therapy rocks my socks.

3. I didn’t have a wreck driving on the ice this morning.  Phew…

4. I got accepted to physical therapy school!!!

When I got the message that one of my top choices of doctoral physical therapy programs was offering me a position, I jumped out of my chair and did a little happy dance, right there in our office at work.  I’m so excited!  All the studying, working, volunteering, applications, essays, etc. really did pay off.  I was pretty much worthless the rest of the day at work — I think I was in a happy daze.  I have LOVED being here at WT, and while part of me will be sad to leave, the other part of me knows my years here have left me well-prepared for moving on to something different.

That’s why today was a great day.  🙂

 oh — and only 21 days until I go to India!

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