thank you….

So Thanksgiving is already here! INSANE! I have a few things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; overall, this semester has been FABULOUS! So I am thankful for that; however, I’m more thankful for the break.

Man this semester has flown, and it has been so busy. Seriously, really haven’t had a break all year. Sure a weekened here, a day there…but for the most part it has been steady. Thus, I am thankful for the break. My parents and I are headed out to Denver on Thanksgiving Day. Going to just relax, shop, be a bum. It’ll be amazing! These past few weeks have been insane…helping plan the trip to Poland, preping for the Student Government Office move, test, homework, papers. OVERWHELMING. I am most definately going to take advantage of my time off.

My break will start earlier that expected too…my International Law professor cancelled class Wednesday and the University closes at noon. SO NICE. It’s almost like an early birthday present.

That’s the other thing I’m thankful for…my birthday. It’s on Turkey Day this year. Mixed feelings about this…I won’t be able to celebrate it with my friends….however…I will get to have all sorts of good foods and take an amazing trip. I guess it won’t be too bad. Besides, the friends and I will celebrate when I get back.

Thanksgiving….a time to say thanks for everything. This year….I have a lot to be thankful for. So thank you. especially you…for reading my random post.


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