Ok, so this year we as a hall at Conner are going trick-or-treating for cans. We’ll take the cans and give them to one of the local food-banks. I’ve never done anything like this, so I’m pretty excited.

And I have FINALLY decided what I’m going to be for Halloween: a woman.

Now, there are a number of people who could probably makes jokes at that, so we’re going to take a couple seconds to let them do that…

Done? Ok. So, I have found my little black dress that I’ll be wearing, and we got measurements of my chest (as small as they were), and I am going to go bra shopping tomorrow.

Now, even with sisters, I’ve never actually gone bra shopping; I usually went to another part of the store. So, that’ll be fun.

I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll shave my legs, so we’ll see how that goes.

Needless to say, I’m kinda pumped. I’ve heard from people who have done this before that it is possible to get hundreds of pounds of canned goods, so I’m hoping that we get a good turnout from the hall here.

That’s all for now.

-Jere 🙂

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