Sorority: Celebrating Its History

Tomorrow, October 24 is Founders Day for Delta Zeta. And to a lot of people that doesn’t mean a whole lot, but for me it’s a lot like the 4th of July. Crazy thought to compare a sorority to a national holiday. Before you stop reading this give me a chance to explain.

The 4th of July
• Celebrates the Declaration of Independence
• People get dressed up in red, white and blue
• Families come together, cook out on the grill and enjoy a fireworks show
• We remember those who believed in freedom and fought in wars so that we may have a choice in what we say, what we believe, and how we live

Delta Zeta
• Celebrates a declaration of unity and a common bond
• Alumna, actives, and new members wear rose and green
• The family comes together for a meal and celebration in honor of those who established our sisterhood
• We reflect on our dedication to sisterhood, scholarship, service, and leadership because our founders believed these to be our purpose

Maybe Founders Day is really nothing like the 4th of July, but in all honestly it is a celebration to us.

– Jasinia

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