We will kick, pass, and run, ’til those Greyhounds are done…


Pigskin Revue, the bonfire, Fair on the Square, parades, concerts…  I LOVE homecoming.  For an entire weekend, the entire town of Canyon turns maroon — it seems like everyone has a maroon shirt to wear, and little kids with buffalo horns on their heads run around with their “buffs up” (the WT hand sign: thumb and pinky up, three middle fingers folded down.  That’s the one.)  Students decorate their residence hall entrances for the weekend, eat a turkey leg after the parade, and take lots and lots of pictures by the huge bonfire.  But the most exciting part of homecoming is….. (drumroll…)


 I’m not a sports buff — I played flag footall once, and got my eye punched out — but the football game is perhaps my favorite part of homecoming every year.  This year was no exception… it was without doubt the best yet.  Kimbrough stadium is ranked as THE hardest D-2 stadium for any visiting team to play in, mostly because of the fans’ boisterous, contagious spirit; and we couldn’t wait to show our ENMU rivals what WT spirit is all about!  When I got to the stadium, I was amazed by how many people were already there.  Most stadium seats were already full, and people soon covered the north hill behind the goal post.  By the end of the night, we had a record-breaking 23, 276 fans at the game — the most fans at any D-2 game EVER!  I sat with my friends in the student section, right by the “Buffalo Rowdies,” the guys that always paint up, dress up, get pumped up, and kind of lead the crowd in school spirit during the game.  I’m telling you, they’re crazy!  All night long we all cheered, yelled, sang the fight song countless times… “W!  T!  A!  M!  W-T-A-M- Fight! Fight! Fight!”  By the end of the night I lost my voice a little. 

So even though I don’t always know exactly what is going on during each play, or what the ref means when he’s waving his arms around in the air, I know enough to realize our football team did GREAT.  At the end of the game, under the scoreboard showing WT:62, ENMU:31, the whole team raced up the south hill and claimed the wagon wheel for the third year in a row!  Our band did a phenomenal job during halftime, even earning a standing ovation from the Eastern band.  Homecoming King and Queen were announced, waving to the crowd from the center of the field…  All in all, it was a splendid homecoming game.  I’m a little sad, because it was my last homecoming as a student; cheering in the student section, marching with everyone out to the bonfire site, watching my friends in the parade, all made me think of how much I truly have come to consider WT my home.  I love the people, the traditions, the school spirit, the crazy fun memories I’ve made with my friends…  Next year, I’m determined to come back “home” for homecoming and revisit my fabulous years here.  Until then, I’m working on getting my voice back… 

There are lots of neat pictures of the game at the Spotted website — check out those Rowdies, and you’ll see what I mean about them being crazy!

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