goodness, gracious, great buffs a fire!

Homecoming week is officially over. Sad. However, I do have a confession to make. Friday afternoon, I was sick of Homecoming. All the work, all the paint, the pomp, the time, the headaches for what a day’s worth of events. I was OVER it.

I was over it until, Pigskin Revue, the big pep rally before the bonfire. By the third time the band played the fight song, I had regained part of my Buff Pride. At the same time though the thought was in my head, “Can we please get this over with? Bed is sounding awfully nice!” After Pigskin was over the Student Body Officers, the RHA President and Dr. O’Brien headed over to the Eternal Flame to light the torches that would eventually light the Bonfire.

It was that little flame that lit the flame in my heart. I was passionate again for WT, for Homecoming. I was a part of the torch processional. We marched across the Pedestrian Mall {WHOA! AMAZING Experience….I’m excited about this new tradition.} We followed the O’Brien’s car as we travelled down the streets of campus; the band was blaring the fight song, the herdsmen were chanting, bells were ringing. The energy was AWESOME!

As the Bonfire was lit, my passion for Homecoming was regained. A smile was on my face the rest of the night. The Bonfire meant so much to me, it was my last Bonfire as a student. It culminated my University experience. So many memories were brought forth. I saw so many friends both current students and alumni. The whole community was out there. The Bonfire unified everyone. We were all Buffs for that night.

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