How about we DON’T be gross?

Ok, I’m going to rant a bit, and I might offend some people, but I think that getting offended every now and then could be good for some people.

After you go to the bathroom, wash your hands. Period.

I don’t care if you’re in a hurry, and I don’t care if you’re positive that you didn’t get anything (use your imagination) on you. Wash your hands.

Think about it. If you don’t wash your hands, then you’re leaving germs behind on the bathroom door when you leave, the lobby door, or ever your room door. And then when someone else comes by to open one of those doors, they get to shake hands with whatever it was that has left your body.

Gross? Yeah, and not just a little.

I’m just saying that when I’m in the bathroom, and I hear the toilet flush, but don’t hear the water faucet before I hear the door open, and want to run after some people with Germ-X.

Ok. I’m done. Just think about that.

-Jere 🙂

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