someone didn’t get their full 8 hours of sleep…

It is always funny to watch the faces of your fellow students when they wake up from that awesome nap…in the middle of class.

 Today, during my 11:00 o’clock, a few guys totally passed out on their desks asleep. I noticed this and kept my eye on them while I took notes.  One even began to snore.  So crazy. 


 But that’s not the point of the story.   The point is is that there are numerous ways to recover from this situation….and that my friends is the fun thing to watch. 

The first way,  the pen grab.  Your head gets heavy, your eyes begin to close,  you get right to that point where you are about to reach perfect REM  status, then BOOM….the professor will say something that will grab your attention, or at least startle you enough to wake you.  Anywho….regardless, the pen grab goes as follows.  You wake up…quickly dart your glances, figure out who noticed you were asleep.  Look at the professor’s non-verbal cues, do they have that scowl on their face?  Then immediately following your quick observation, you grab your pen and begin to doodle on the paper until you can catch up in the lecture.    This one is a personal favorite to watch,  the shock on the student’s eyes really cracks me up. 

 Another one that I notice more frequently is the constant head bob. {This is what my good ol’ snoring buddy tried out.}  In this technique, you wake up suddenly…yet five seconds later, you are instantly out again.   The head bobs up and down, up and down.  This one is usually a sign that the person didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  In another class, one guy actually curled up into a little ball and practiced the head bobbing technique.  PRICELESS entertainment. 

Really….if you are in a boring lecture, be smart.  Doodle, write down everything the professor says,  write down what you are observing, and if you are really bored try to find that one guy who is falling asleep and then go home and write a blog.  I know it may sound dumb when you really want that hour and a half of sleep, but in reality, it’ll keep your professors happy.  For all they know, you are taking diligent notes and showing some respect for their class and their degrees.  Sleeping doesn’t go over so well.  I’m not saying that I’m perfect and haven’t fallen asleep in class,  far from it.  However, I would like to pass along this gem of wisdom to you. 

That’s all for now.   Homecoming week has started.   I’ll keep you updated on all the festivities.



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