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Ok, so this year we as a hall at Conner are going trick-or-treating for cans. We’ll take the cans and give them to one of the local food-banks. I’ve never done anything like this, so I’m pretty excited.

And I have FINALLY decided what I’m going to be for Halloween: a woman.

Now, there are a number of people who could probably makes jokes at that, so we’re going to take a couple seconds to let them do that…

Done? Ok. So, I have found my little black dress that I’ll be wearing, and we got measurements of my chest (as small as they were), and I am going to go bra shopping tomorrow.

Now, even with sisters, I’ve never actually gone bra shopping; I usually went to another part of the store. So, that’ll be fun.

I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll shave my legs, so we’ll see how that goes.

Needless to say, I’m kinda pumped. I’ve heard from people who have done this before that it is possible to get hundreds of pounds of canned goods, so I’m hoping that we get a good turnout from the hall here.

That’s all for now.

-Jere 🙂

good day sunlinght, I’d like to say how truly bright you are…

Overall, great weekend. GRE wasn’t too terrible and the rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with great friends and reading a good book.

Saturday night I went to a couple of haunted houses in Amarillo. Not gonna lie, one of them scared the pee out of me. The other house…not so scary; a lot of hype for little fright. :-/ No worries, a lot of fun was had that night.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Sunday, I became enthralled with, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. It’s not too often that you read a book for class that you actually enjoy. I’m going to write a book report about it for International Law. If you haven’t heard of the book, it’s written by the same guy who wrote, “The Kite Runner”. The words are beautiful. It’s graphic, it’s heart-breaking, it’s captivating. It’s amazingly beautiful. I highly suggest going out and getting a copy….or go download it on iTunes.

Alright boys and girls…I must go get ready for Student Senate.



Late-Night Laundry

Ok, so here I am, wasting time, waiting for 2am to roll around.

See, I had PLANNED on throwing my laundry in the dryer when I  did rounds tonight at 12.

I forgot, however.

So now, I have to wait for it to finish before I can go to bed.

Not fun with class in the morning.

Here’s another choppy sentence.

That seems to be my trend, right now.

Good night, Jere 🙂


Agree with it.

Disagree with it.

I’m not here to persuade you either way, because personally I don’t know where I stand.

I want to say, though, that I watched a documentary on Fox News tonight about it. They didn’t have “officials” or “speakers;” the simply interviewed three women over the course of the year.

The first girl aborted her child. It was hard watching her lie in the bed, crying, as they performed the procedure. Her mom, who was in the room with her, found out when the doctor let it slip that it was actually the girl’s second abortion.

The second girl was pregnant with her 7th child by the time the interview was done. Her first four kids were taken away since she was using cocaine after they were born. Her fifth child was born with a drug addiction and given up for adoption. The sixth child was a miscarriage. She was pregnant with her seventh child as the interview ended. She said that she continued getting pregnant because she had been that way for so long she felt incomplete when she wasn’t.

The third woman was pregnant with her second child. Her and her husband had been trying for years, and when she finally became pregnant, the child developed a chromosomal disorder. The doctors offered to abort the child, but the mother refused. The child would have lived for maybe only a few days at the most, but the parents decided to go through with the birth so they could at least see and hold the little girl, Marlee. Marlee died about twenty minutes before she was born, and it was again hard to see the mom and dad in the room holding the child.

Abortion is a tough subject. I think that before anyone decides one way or another how they stand on it, it is important to see what people go through who HAVE had to deal with it. It’s easy to say you would or wouldn’t have an abortion when you’re not in the situation when you actually have to make the decision.


leavin’ on a jet plane…

What a busy week!!!

I’m going to Poland with 20 freshmen, two other peer leaders and my bosses for Spring Break as part of the Readership WT Program. We’re going to retrace Elie Wiesel’s footsteps from his home to the concentration camp. As one student said during her interview, we will be, “shell-shocked”. I’m excited. The whole trip will put life into perspective and bring out in all of us so many emotions.

Yesterday, we announced to the 20 freshmen that they were the winners of the essay contest. Such a great experience that was. Seeing the smiles on their faces, them interacting with each other, really made me happy. Stuff like this makes me feel good about my future career choice, working at a University in First-Year Experience Programs.

Speaking of future careers…GRE tomorrow morning.
Honestly though, I’m not too worried about it.

Alrighty…class calls my name. More than likely going to a Haunted House this weekend. Expect stories/pictures.

Until then…

A Nightmare Revisited

I never thought I’d be doing this all over again.

When I was a freshman here at WT, I sat down in my first class on the first day of school and subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.  Applications were done, scholarship forms completed, what seemed like mountains of paperwork were turned in, never to bother me again.  Or so I thought…

Now it’s my senior year, and when I come home from class, I meet a sneakily familiar mound of papers on my desk.  Application packets, scholarship forms, personal essays, reference letters…  It feels somewhat like a flashback to a more nightmarish era of my past; it so turns out that doctoral programs require even more paperwork than undergraduate applications.  Imagine that.

On a more positive note, I was very encouraged and excited by the WT Career Expo last week.  There were special sessions on interview skills, networking, business etiquette — did you know you’re supposed to wear your nametag on the right side of your shirt? — and the chance to talk with over 100 prospective employers from the surrounding area.  I made some wonderful contacts and met some great people; I even got a couple of interview offers!  Several of my friends have interviews this week with businesses that were at the Expo.  Now I’m pumped about job-hunting once I finish my doctorate.

I guess all this paperwork will be worth it after all. 🙂

~Kelsi May

Writing Curse

Most people probably think of a writing curse as meaning that you have to write tons of stuff for class.

Unfortunately for me, it’s the other way around.

See, I enjoy writing. When it’s my own stuff, anyways. And any time I feel like I’ve got an idea for something, I start writing. The problem with that, is that now that I consider myself a writer (not an author; authors are published) I have this urge to write. And when I start a writing project it follows me around everywhere.

In my sleep. In class. And, of course, in the shower.

I’m always thinking about writing. And now that I’ve seriously started working on my second book, Power of Deceit, I know that this is going to follow me around for a while.

It took two and a half years to write my first book, Power of Knowledge. I don’t think (or at least I hope) it won’t take that long for this one. I’ve already got my characters developed, I know the direction I’m taking the story, and I know how I want it to end. Those are the three main aspects you need to write, I think.

Even still, more than a year is a very reasonable amount of time to put into this. That means that I’m going to have something in the back of my mind picking at me in all my free time, telling me I should be working on it.

Those of you who seriously write, know that it can take a lot out of you. Some people might think it’s hard to believe that sitting in front of a computer typing, or lying in bed taking notes in a journal could be work, but it is.

You have to plan twists and turns, decide who lives and who dies, find ways to convey not only what the characters feel, but also what you as the Writer feel. It’s a tricky business.

Why do I do it? Because I love it. There was no feeling that I can think of that was better than that day when I finished my first book. Yeah, it was rough, and I had to do two or three more read-throughs to edit it up, but it was SO satisfying.

Now, when I look at my old manuscript and see all the green ink marks and writings that I’ve put in over my text, I smile. Two and a half years of my life can be seen in about 400 pages of writing. No one else can see it, but at different parts of the story, I can think back to where I was when I wrote it, how I was feeling, and what was going on in my life.

Yes, the dance my fingers do across the keyboard can be tiring at times, but I have to say that if I have to have a curse, I want it to be a writing one.

Jere 🙂