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Chinese Chucks and Sweet Tea


Tuesdays are a day that I wake up at 8am and don’t get done with my day until about 10:00 at night…if I’m lucky So basically, from the time I wake up Tuesday morning I want the day to be over. October 14th, 2008 was a different story though. Tuesday October 14th can only be described in one word. Epic. 

Every Tuesday afternoon from 2:30-3:45 I have a radio practicum class. This class is pretty much awesome. Niki Bryan and Andrew Brown teach it, how could it not be a party of learning? So around 2:20 Abbey Jo (fellow WT blogger) and I were in the HELC desperately trying to print something out for class and of course we couldn’t find what we needed. After thinking long and hard about what to do (maybe 30 seconds at the most) we decided radio practicum was cancelled that day.

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“Real”ity T.V.

   Growing up, my family always loved to have family time sitting around watching reality t.v.  I thought we had a “normal” family, but it seems that other families and people do not find reality t.v. as interesting as my family did.  We were big fans of Survivor, Big brotherAmazing Race and almost anything else that promoted real live people, in real life scenarios (hmmm stranded on an island happens to everyone).  As my family continued on in this tradition, it spread throughout our other relatives, so we could all talk about who got voted off or what drama was had occurred on the last episode.  This was the topic of conversation for every family gathering.

     Since coming to college, I found that t.v. isn’t really that important in my life and aside from watching the Office, or sports, I rarely have time to watch much of anything.  Reality t.v. has sadly slowly slipped out of my life.  That is until I found many people watch MTV’s Real World, I do admit I have seen a few episodes but I do not watch it regularly.  My reality now consists of Big Brother during the summer, and sometimes the Hills if you count that.  While at home this summer in Bozeman, there was a commercial for a casting call for Survivor.  This sparked my eternal reality t.v. flame once again.  Determined that my life needs to be seen I quickly started filling out the application.  My flame was put out once my mom spoke the encouraging words of “If you made it on Survivor you would die, you are too skinny to survive.”  So that dream ended but it has once again been started.

     I found out that the Real World is having an on line casting call, and Big Brother is also taking applications for its next season.  I decided to see what happens for both shows.  I am required to make a video for both, and Big Brother I just submit an application.  The Real World however, did not have any locations close for interviews so I am attempting their on line process.  They will choose one member of the house from the Internet, based on going through different rounds, interviews with the show, and people voting for you on line.  Why would I want to be on reality t.v.?  Well I feel it is very misrepresented for what America seems to feel is real.  In both shows, members sleep around, get drunk, and cause drama.  Aside from the drama, that is the opposite of my life.  I want to go on t.v. to show that I am very real but yet am a Christ follower, don’t get drunk, and don’t sleep around.  I want to show that Christian men do exist in this world, and are a part of reality.  Plus in many cases I wonder how many of things that happen to me, are not on t.v.  My life is just far too interesting.  So after reading this blog feel free to vote for me on my real world site, pray that I will learn a life outside of reality t.v., but more importantly vote for me.  I feel I am very real!

Click my picture or one of my links to go to my page and vote for me!  It is highly recommended!

College: Celebration and Sorrow.

One of the most beautiful things about college, is that if you arrange your schedule as such, you can have a three day weekend, EVERY weekend. Friday classes are for freshmen who don’t know better, and upperclassmen who couldn’t get out of it; but, as for me and my friends, we will only consent to four days of education a week. Thus was born “Celebrate Thursday,” a wonderful tradition that can only be defined as something like, “Friday, part one.”
Celebrate Thursday can range from anything to a midnight meal in Amarillo, to initiating middle school prank-wars on one another, to watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls, to playing Dr. Mario on original nintendo, to jamming to young boss, and almost always drinking the nectar of the gods
I love that part of college. 
I dare say, I love most parts. 
Classes might be early, but I almost always get a laugh, or a nugget of knowledge and sometimes both, (unless it’s science in which case I walk away knowing and laughing less than when I entered). I’m an RA in Ruth Cross Hall, and it’s the greatest job in the entire world, hanging out with and taking care of the 3rd floor girls. The caf is a great place to meet up with everyone from multiple dorms, and play childish pranks on one another with salt in the napkin holders. 

But as in most things, there is a flip side.  A sorrowful nemesis.  An evil twin. 
With all this freedom, and fun there is a certain level of doom and responsibility. 

Laundry Day.

Laundry Day.

After approximately one month of avoiding my hamper like it had a disease I finally broke down today and dragged two trash bags full of dirty clothes down the stairs of Cross Hall and into a deserted laundry room. 
My clothes, dating back to somewhere around September 9th and 10th, seem to have been multiplying since then like little bunnies, and I took up 5 washing machines out of 6. Undergarments, t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and tank tops each had their own rinse cycle. 3 hours, 4 drying machines, 6 trips up and down the stairs, and too many mismatched socks later I’ve finally completed this callous ritual. 
A friend once told me “Pairing my socks after I do laundry is the worst part of college. It’s awful and it makes me want to drop out.” 
Though my friend might be  bit of a drama queen, he is right about the evils of laundry.

The freedoms of college outweigh this evil, but only because after a year and a half I’ve discovered the secret to good living….
Avoid Friday classes, and hold out doing laundry until Thanksgiving so Mom will do it.

Getting spoiled sounds good for commuters

Yesterday, as I was walking in the JBK I heard a song that I hadn’t heard since the last time I’d seen ‘A Walk to Remember’ back in like 2003. And then I realized it was Commuter Appreciation Week and the music was coming from a random mix of songs hosted by the an iPod, whose owner shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Depite the odd high school flashback I was able to enjoy a free hotdog and a soda. Oh yeah, I also got a free ice scraper which will come in handy in the next few months.

This morning my co-worker was greeted with a nice cup of hot coffee and a donut. I’m not sure how happy Java City was that Commuters were being given free coffee but I know that had I not been in class, I would have definitely wanted some coffee to erase my memory of how cold it was outside.

Speaking of erasing memories, tomorrow you will find me under the spell of a nice massage dreaming that I am in sunny Cozumel or Hawaii because there will be free massages for Commuter Appreciation Week. I’ll let you know how that goes later.

Recovering from Homecoming Fever

Oh my Lord,

Thank goodness Homecoming is over.  I am genuinely worn out.  It was a good week but a long one nonetheless.  I am glad that things are back to usual.

This week was difficult as the semester hits midterm times.  As a four year senior, my motivation is definitely hurting.  This procrastination issue is getting to where it is out of control.  However, it is highlighting some of the major skills I have learned and mastered while I have been at school.  I have found out I can write a decent A- to B+ four page paper in about an hour and a half with references.  This is not a good quality and I do not advise it.  This week I am going to make an extra effort to plan out my assignments so that I am not pressured.  While I was hurriedly writing my paper, my friend who just had a car wreck needed a ride and I wasn’t able to give him one due to my irresponsibility.

Like the nerd I am, I was so excited for the debut of the class schedule on Wednesday.  I am already spending a lot of time going through all the classes thinking about how I will spend my last semester here at WT.  I am definitely excited about the senior seminar with Dr. Schaffer and Early Modern Europe with Dr. Brasington.  I do need to figure out how I am going to fulfill that Bachelor of Science science credit.

I also have been quite consumed by thoughts of what graduation might bring.  I have an interview for Teach For America at the end of October in Albuquerque.  I am kind of nervous about it but I think I have a good chance.  The Teach for America program will place me in an inner-city school district somewhere in the U.S.  I hope to be placed in San Francisco or somewhere in the New England area.  I am both excited and scared of what’s to come.  I am excited about finally leaving this place and about experiencing a different area and culture.  I absolutely have a passion for Canyon.  I love the pace and culture and overall attitude of the city.

However, it is wierd to think that I’ll be moving away from this place.  I have been here for some time – 15 years.  My family and friends are here.  I have alot of support here.  Nonetheless, it is time for me to go.  I know that I am supposed to go somewhere else, meet new people, have new experiences.  It is time.  Fear of the unknown is never a good reason to not step out and experience all that life and this world offers.

Well, I think it is time for me to stop rambling and go have some constructive downtime whipping up on my friends in Wii Golf.  Ta ta for now.

Welcome to the Good Life…It’s the life I live

     After Homecoming this last weekend, I was given the opportunityto leave small town Canyon, and escape to the mile high city of Denver, Colorado.  It was a great time to just get away and relax with college off my mind.  I also got the chance Tuesday night to see the band Anberlin perform at the Ogden theater.  For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’m addicted to Denver, and even more so Music.  This is not my first time in Denver for a concert, and certainly not my last even though the parents are not supportive of these road trips, concert trips, and the long distance girlfriend that sparks these interests even more.  I must give her the shout out though for getting us the tickets for this last show, thanks Alex. 

     After a great show from a band called There for Tomorrow, Straylight Run, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and of course Anberlin rocked some faces off.  I highly recommend There for Tomorrow( and Anberlin ( I loved every second of the concert., but it did not last long enough.  Before I knew it I was back on my way back to the Texas panhandle.  I thought that the second I would get back I wouldn’t want to get back in the groove.  Although I missed the mile high city, and being able to hang with Alex non-stop, my life here is pretty eventful.

     Last night the Baptist Student Ministry had the bands The Bank, and Abandon Kansas play.  It was an amazing show and a ton of fun.  It was not a big time show like Denver holds, but Canyon does have some things to do.  It was a lot of fun, and getting back into the groove I get to be a part of a great program before Midnight Madness.  Monday night Buff Hall and the Residence Hall Association will be hosting a Wii Boxing Tournament where the winner will win a Nintendo Wii, and a chance to Wii Box President O’Brien at Midnight Madness.  It will be at 7 p.m. Monday, October 13 and is open for all who live on campus.  I really miss the things Denver has to hold but there is a reason I am here in Canyon, TX.  It is a great place to live and happens to be within drive of major concerts and events, if you ever get bored.  After seeing all these bands play lately,  I feel that I need to practice guitar and join a band.  It is the only logical thing to do.

WT rains out Midwestern

Well, we brought home the herd. 
After a week of marshmallow and weenie consumption, bonfire building, guarding, and burning, homecoming dances, parades, floats, fairs, elections, marches by torchlight, maroon and white decor, we can finally say that we came home in 2008. But it wasn’t made official until our domination on the football field took place. Buffalo fans from far and wide gathered last night, and by four thirty it was next to impossible to get within a mile of Kimbrough Stadium. I was reminded of my home in the Dallas metroplex as I putted along the service road wondering if I was ever going to get out of first gear. 
But the traffic was the least of the problems facing our homecoming game in this year of our Lord 2008.

Upon arrival to the parking lot a very nice baseball boy dressed in green waved me on into the lot, where there was officially zero places left. I nervously made my own and glanced around for a 5-o. Luckily I made it away without a parking ticket.

It was strange to me that despite the drab weather everyone seemed chipper and ready for some football. I walked past the sea of tailgaters and I noticed a few games of washers, and aggie golf going down, and the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers was thick despite the rain. College boys stood shirtless in the precipitation covering their chests with paint, shivering with WT pride.

There was an hour to go until kick off when I made my way into the actual stadium. To my suprise, the place was already packed and I had a hard time finding my friends in the mess of maroon everywhere. By the time I got to them the rain was starting to pelt us a little bit. Soon thereafter old ladies were taking cover beneath seat cushions, and some were begining to talk about running for the hills.
A huge streak of lightning colored the gray sky, and the big voice came over the system to announce the delay of our homecoming for an additional half an hour.

Pack it up.

It was as if the announcement itself opened up the skies. The rain hit us like bullets as we sprinted back to the gates, we waited to get our hands stamped and hid beneath our purses, foam fingers, and hoodies. We retreated back to our cars and crammed as many people as you could imagine into a mid-sized SUV.
Wondering if our homecoming dreams were going to be ruined, we turned on some Jack Johnson music and sang our little hearts out as we awaited the big game.

You may be able to postpone destiny, but you cannot cancel it.

A giant rainbow appeared over the stadium as we re-entered with our hand stamps, as if a promise of our coming victory over Midwestern State University on our homecoming. I’ve never seen a full-fledged rainbow like that before, it was straight lucky charms style and I half expected leprachauns to walk on the field, though I was relieved to see it was our buffalos ready for battle.
The first half was close. It was shaping up to be a good game, fueled by noise makers, and cheers for Keithon Flemming, a running back and all-star rapper known on the streets as Young Boss. By half time I’d lost my voice completely and the score was a solid 21 us, 14 Midwestern.
Although we weren’t up against Eastern New Mexico for homecoming this year, you could feel the tension as we went into the game again.
Little did we know, that our team was just taunting them the entire time, and it turned out to be a complete blow out.
It seems like WT football domination is inevitable. Unfortunatley so is rain despite our desertous location, and when the rain came back for a second drive by, most people, knowing we had the victory in the bag, tucked tail and headed for dry ground for good.

We stuck it out to the end, and though we were dripping wet from head to toe, we walked away with a victory, memories that will last a life time, and a cold that will last about a week and a half.

Go Buffs.

The Residential Life during Homecoming Week

I have always been a part of Residential Living here on campus, and homecoming week by far is the busiest/most eventful week WT has to offer.  Aside from professors thinking it is a great week to make everything due, it seems that for once everyone comes together in the spirit of West Texas A&M.  Residential Hall Association (RHA) puts on many of the events for this week, giving students a chance to get out of their room.  That is if the students stay here during the week and weekend.  I have been blown away in years past at the number of students that just can’t make it away from home more than Monday through Thursday.

This year I finally see it slowly changing.  With the increasing sizes of the freshman class, I feel this year we have one of the most involved.  Being an RA in Buff Hall I see how involved students get.  This week RHA has done a great job getting students involved.  I have never seen as many people at the Marshmallow Roast, excited about building the bonfire or guarding it, and even a paper football tournament with the chance of winning two free cowboy tickets!!!  It’s insane! Even last night at the midnight weenie roast tons of people showed up braving the rainy weather.  The halls look amazing this year as it looks like many residents took pride in decorating.

I feel that the pride of WT students continues to increase this year, and I hope it does not stop after Homecoming Week.  I hope everyone will attend the Bonfire tonight, the parade and football game.  I hope WT becomes a place that students enjoy being here as much as I have.  I mean a Montana kid that loved it so much his sister followed him here.  Out of state students have also been increasing which is amazing (WT students represent 48 out of the 50 states), because we can’t go home on weekends we get to enjoy WT all the time.  I hope we see the parking lots remain full on the weekends, rather than the usual emptiness on campus.  So I hope all on campus have enjoyed this week, and will get out and enjoy this weekend!  GO BUFFS!

Guarding the Bonfire. An account of time standing still.

It was 2:44 p.m. on a lovely Tuesday afternoon, and I desperately wished that I was curled up in a fetal ball of warmth upon my bed.

Last night was the Marshmallow Roast at the bonfire site directed and sponsored by RHA. A grand ol’ time was being had by everyone. The festivities began about 10 p.m. as groups of students arrived in groups of eight to ten. The campfire was extremely hot, which made it semi-suicidal to try to even roast a marshmallow. At the height of the roast, there were probably 200-300 assorted bodies present. As the time ticked on, though, many left for the comfort and warmth of their beds and soon it was only the few, the proud, and the brave that were left, sacrificing their night of sleep for the security of the bonfire.

Guitars were whipped out around 1 a.m. The songs were varied as worship songs were intermingled with Oasis and Secondhand Serenade and some Matchbox 20. A competitive game of washers that would run to 4 a.m. started as well. Hot dogs and sausages arrived on the scene causing a ruckus to the hungry students. However, many a sausage and dog was lost to the heat of the fire as the unstable hangers supporting their weight dropped the various meats into the flame. This was an incredibly sad ordeal. Personally, I lost a sausage on the outskirts of the fire but was able to borrow some gloves to fetch it. I tried to eat it but it was covered in West Texas dirt. Sad story.

Around 2 a.m., activity around the campfire began to wane as the cold September night set in. Many students tucked themselves into their blue and red sleeping bags to sleep through the night. The back of pickups slowly filled with students trying to grab a wink of sleep. Others made runs to Allsups. A run to Whataburger was even made. This was also around the time when time itself seemed to go to sleep. The minutes seemed like hours and the hours like days, especially for those of us attempting to remain awake the whole night.

By 5 a.m. the campsite was almost completely dead as almost everyone was asleep and those that weren’t were chatting quietly to each other. Thankfully, an angel in disguise among us had brought enough eggs and sausage to feed a small army. We started cooking the eggs and sausage on his nifty camping trinkets. The following breakfast burritos were among the best I have ever had. They were so good to a tired empty stomach. Then he had the audacity to make homemade donuts. We fried biscuits with holes poked in them. We then dumped the result into a bag of powdered sugar and shook it all up. The result was incredible. Warm tasty doughnuts.

As the sun came up, the beasts emerged from their respective positions around the fire. We ate and cleaned up the campsite, which was quite dirty from the night’s festivities. After we finished tidying up a bit, we all started to wait out the morning until it was finally time for us to depart.

Let me just conclude that this endeavor is not for the light of heart of weak of mind. The day after, I went to sleep at 4 in the afternoon and did not rise until 9:30 a.m. the next day.  Good stuff.


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